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Programme Adviser – Technical Allyship

Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya
Organization: International Planned Parenthood Federation
Closing date: 12 Aug 2021


The Programme Adviser – Technical Allyship will help shape and implement the role of SAAF as a convenor of technical support. They will understand the grantees-partners’ needs and the technical capacity available within the SAAF portfolio, within key actors in their ecosystems and other grant-making mechanisms.

The Programme Adviser – Technical Allyship will play a matchmaker role to ensure that grantees tap into local/regional expertise provided by other organizations and form new partnerships as a result.

The Adviser will also be responsible for managing relationships with a subset of SAAF’s grantee-partners, acting as the reference point for them within the SAAF Secretariat.



  1. To lead the design of the technical allyship strategy, in coordination with the Deputy Director.

  2. To engage with external stakeholders with technical capacity role in order to build a network of available sources of technical support for grantees.

  3. In coordination with other SAAF Programme Advisers, to map, analyse and prioritise grantees’ needs in capacity strengthening for program management, SRHR (with focus on abortion) and gender programming.

  4. To map out external stakeholders’ capacity support opportunities and link them to grantee-partners.

  5. To provide direct capacity support to grantee-partners through webinars and other initiatives.

  6. To develop with the SAAF Evaluation and Learning Adviser metrics to measure SAAF performance and impact with its Technical Allyship approach.

  7. To support and monitor some capacity strengthening initiative with visits to grantee partners and external stakeholders.

  8. To document and share successful and/or innovative capacity strengthening approaches within the SAAF Portfolio.


  1. To manage the relationship with a subset of grantee-partners, with regular direct communications with the organisations. To act as reference point for the grantee partners within the SAAF Secretariat.

  2. To ensure that projects from the subset of grantee partners are aligned with SAAF’s overall programme strategies and are compliant with SAAF’s grant management system and procedures.

  3. In close collaboration with the SAAF Finance Adviser(s), to manage the programmatic side of the granting process for a subset of grantee-partners: includes inception period, contracting, monitoring and reviewing procedures.

  4. To support the SAAF Evaluation and Learning Adviser in ensuring that grantee-partners MEL systems, and in particular data capture, are adequate for SAAF requirements.

  5. To provide direct support to grantees for all aspects of project implementation, both remotely and through country visits.

  6. To identify technical support needs and coordinate their provision.

  7. To support the maintenance of a standardised review process for SAAF grantee-partners, including data entry in dedicated systems or database.

  8. In coordination with the SAAF Evaluation and Learning Adviser, to document and share successful and/or innovative projects’ best practices, tools and lessons learnt from the projects’ implementation with the wider SAAF portfolio for learning purposes.


  1. To keep up-to-date with relevant technical and other abortion-related knowledge.

  2. To ensure gender is effectively mainstreamed within the remit of the post and in line with IPPF’s Gender Equality Policy.

  3. To build and maintain positive relationships with all members of staff, and contacts within and outside the Federation.

  4. To become familiar with the Federation’s Health and Safety Programme and Guidelines for using Visual Display Units. To do everything possible to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, including following instructions and guidance.

  5. To take collective responsibility for safeguarding

  6. To undertake any other reasonable duties as may be requested from time to time.


· The post holder supervises external consultants and temporary staff from time to time.

· The post holder advises the SAAF Director and Deputy Director on the design and implementation of the Technical Allyship strategy.

· The post holder advises the SAAF Deputy Director on progress in relation to a subset of grantee-partners’ projects.

How to apply:

For more details on the job description and on how to apply please visit

IPPF offers a wide range of benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications are particularly encouraged from women, people living with disabilities, people living with HIV and minorities.

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